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This map shows the landmass of “Doggerland” - the northwestern protrusion of Europe into what is now the North Sea - and its coastlines 18,000, 10,000, and 9,000 years before the present, when huge ice sheets formed during the planet’s ice age contained so much water that sea level was hundreds of feet below its current level.

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Reshaping New York

From buildings to bike lanes to painting over Broadway, how the city changed in 12 years of Bloomberg

By the New York Times

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Adventure Compass | Travel Brochure by Berenice Valdes

This project is made up of two pieces, an outside folder and an inside booklet. The folder is a free standing, one piece die cut, full color, front and back print. It has a 1/4 in. space for booklet inserts. There are slots in the back for a business card to go into.  The booklet is made up of inserts held together by a 1/4 in. spiral. Specific number of pages allowed varies according to weight of paper used.

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Jupiter Structural Layer Cake

Now I want to make this

If I was any good at baking I’d make the entire solar system.

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Old map exhibit. #maps #sf (at Exploratorium)

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Geologic Map of the World.  Read more here.

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